Toronto's Opportunities and Priorities 2010

An annual overview of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the labour market in the City of Toronto.

The TOP Report responds to the changes in Toronto’s economy by identifying and profiling key economic sectors and industries so that employers, job seekers, community agencies and economic development analysts can work towards building Toronto’s economy and the capacity of its workforce today and in the future.

Toronto Workforce Innovation Group (TWIG) develops the TOP Report by:

  • Analyzing Statistics Canada data and other labour force data;
  • Conducting consultations and key informant interviews with representatives from key economic and industrial sectors;
  • Attending consultations that provide information about the economy;
  • Meeting with the City of Toronto’s Economic Development Experts.

The 2010-2011 TOP Report identifies six workforce development strategic priorities for Toronto:

1. Coordinating labour market planning across Toronto.

2. Matching re-training/training programs with labour market needs and skills requirements.

3. Supporting Small/Medium Enterprises.

4. Removing barriers to internationally trained and/or educated immigrants to facilitate their attachment to the labour force in jobs/positions that match their skills, education and experience.

5. Developing strategies to address Toronto’s high levels of youth unemployment.

6. Ensuring and expanding Toronto’s place as a leader in the “green economy”.

In addition to these overarching priorities, the TOP Report also identifies strengths and challenges, and makes detailed recommendations and action plans on the sectors significant to Toronto’s economy: Finance and Insurance, Construction, Hospitality and Tourism, Arts, Entertainment and Recreation, Healthcare, Retail Trade, Information and Communications and Manufacturing.