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The Toronto Workforce Innovation Group examines data, synthesizes research, and seeks input from practitioners and policymakers to strengthen our workforce development system


Latest Work

Beyond the GTA: Making immigration work for all of Ontario

This paper will focus on the dynamics of intraprovincial migration of newcomer immigrants in the context of Ontario. It will examine the extent to which newcomer immigrants currently residing within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are willing to relocate to other parts of Ontario for the purpose of employment and more affordable living.

Local Labour Market Planning Report 2018-2019

Our 2018-2019 Local Labour Market Plan Report provides an update to the community on current labour market conditions. This report also includes an update on past initiatives, current activities, our stakeholder engagement consultations and our action plan for the next 3 years.

Retail Trade: A sector in transition

The retail sector of the city is faced by an exciting but challenging transformation; marked by the rise of online shopping, omni-channel retailing, and emergent competition as technology drives constant change in the way Torontonian’s shop.



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